「受け継がれる帽子」 をコンセプトに

“Quality and style passed on from generation to generation “
Our product is the essence of grace and simplicity.
We pride ourself on our carefully managed process starting from the selection of material right up until the final stitch.
Throughout our range you can enjoy the very best of Japanese craftsmanship as well as our distinctive style.


清原 世太 ( キヨハラ セイタ)

文化服装学院卒業後、 大手帽子メーカーに帽子デザイナーとして勤める。
退職後、 メンズ ・ レディースブランドやセレクトショップなどの数多くの商品を手掛ける。
国内の工場 (職人) と結びつきが強く、 日本の職人の技術と自身のクリエーションを最大限に引き出し、MADE IN JAPANを世界に発信することが目標。 2011年A/Wから自身初となる帽子ブランドをデビュー。

Kiyohara SEITA

Graduated from Bunka Fashion College
After working as a designer for a major hat manufacturer,
SEITA started his career as a freelancer
working with various men’s/ladies’ hat brand shops and High End Shops.
He launched his own brand MAISON Birth in the A/W season of 2011.
He has strong ties with domestic artisans and he aims to bring out the very best in Japanese craftsmanship through his own designs creations.
His main goal with MAISON Birth is to introduce his Japanese-made hats to the world.